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You don’t just want a new website… you want more leads, more customers, more sales, and more revenue.


At Pinnacle Web Marketing we are more business consultants than just website designers. We value communication with our clients and your satisfaction is our number one priority. Don’t be fooled into buying cheap websites and cheap SEO.

You don’t just want a new website… you want more leads, more customers, more sales, and more revenue.

Our websites and our SEO services are targeted to the specific audience in your target market. Our designs are built to get you more leads and sales from the web to increase your revenue.

Your customers will be able to find your services and products with ease and quickly navigate your site for answers and the validation that you are the business they need.

We are happy to discuss all your site requests and requirements, and all layouts and drafts are sent to you for approval before anything is implemented.

Website Design

We build attractive layouts that are easy to navigate for the first time visitor.  Your products and services will be clearly laid out with plenty of call buttons and calls-to-action.


Search Engine Optimization will be the foundational layer of your site from the beginning. Our SEO strategies and best practices are built within your site from the beginning.


When we work directly with the business owner, your site can have the identity and personality that reflects your business philosophy while helping build customer relationships.

We Know What SEO Works, and What Doesn’t

It makes a difference in how your website performs when your website is created by local marketing SEO experts.


Build your brand awareness by increasing exposure across web search engines and social media platforms.

Web Design

Websites should be attractive, seo optimized, easy to navigate, with plenty of calls-to-action and call buttons.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is about understanding information architecture and the proper use and layout of an optimized content strategy.

Content Strategy

Using industry research we find the top search queries for your products and services and incorporate those into your content.

Information Architecture

There is a proper way to construct the content on a web page using meta tags, headings and sub-headings, so bots can properly index your pages for SEO.

Business Consulting

We can discuss different strategies and create internet marketing campaigns for you, so you can continue to grow your business online.

Website Design – How We Work

Phone Consultation

We will listen and work together to identify your needs and any critical obstacles with your web presence. Our websites are made affordable for all budgets.

Website Planning

We research the market to understand what is going to attract and convert your business’s ideal customer.

Website Development

The way we build websites is around the audience that needs and searches for that product or service. We build what will be visually appealing and easy to navigate for that target audience.

Website Management

We offer website maintenance because we want to make sure that we are protecting the business’s investment. This is where we are monitoring the website’s performance as we expected it to in order to help your business grow.

Additional Marketing Services

After your website is up and running you can engage in our additional web marketing services to help build your brand and push your website up higher in rankings in search engines like Google and across the web. 

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What Design Platform Do You Use?

We work with WordPress as our main web design platform. WordPress is used by 99% of professional web designers because of its ease of use for both designer and client. We have designed a few html websites for special clients.

How Long Will My Site Take To Complete?

The time it takes depends on several factors. The larger your site and the elements used will be a factor. Most sites can be completed on average in 6 – 8 weeks.  A lot depends on how well your communication and response time is with us when we need approvals or more information. Many times we are waiting on a response from the client on whether to make changes or keep moving forward.

How Much Do Your Websites Cost?

Our pricing depends on the size of your website, meaning how many pages will the client need and how many design elements will be involved? We have one-page service industry websites that are only $750, but most businesses will need more pages to adequately showcase their products and services and for greater visibility on the web.

Our multi-page websites start at $2500 for 2-7 pages, $3200 for 8-15 pages, 15+ pages (direct quote will be given after discussion).

Do You Have Payment Options Available?

Yes we do. You will place a deposit before we begin the work. Once the site is completed and live on the web, then we can divide the remainder into 3 or 4 monthly payments until the balance is paid. We do not charge interest. During this time we will keep hosting your website and if you are not able to make a monthly payment the site may no longer be visible on the web until the payment is made. We really try to work within every business’s budget.

Do You Provide Website Maintenance?

Yes we do. If you’ve got a WordPress website, it has to be maintained to keep it updated, functional, and secure. We offer a several website maintenance packages.

Visit our Website Maintenance page for all the information about our services and pricing.


What Things Will Affect The Price of My Website?

The common factors that could affect your price may include:

Do you have your own images or stock images to provide?

Do you have any content to start with or will we need to create it all from scratch? 

How many pages will your website need?

Do you want a site with a lot of bells and whistles?  Meaning do you want a lot sliders, animation, or fancy elements, etc?

Do You Build eCommerce Websites?

If you have a small amount of items, depending on your chosen merchant acct, we can build you an off-site store. For example Square® is very popular, so we can setup your store on the Square® platform. Then we’ll link your store to your website under a “Shop” tab.

We do not build ecommerce websites that sell a large amount of products. For that kind of site we suggest you use Shopify ecommerce platform.

Ecommerce is something we would discuss at the planning stage to ensure we can provide what you need on your site. We can build sites with a shopping cart for a limited amount of services; and we can add paypal buttons etc., or other kinds of payment options if they are compatible with WordPress.

Do You Provide Website Hosting?

If you are on our payment plan we will temporarily host your website until your balance is completed. We recommend our clients engage in their own hosting account and we will help you with this. We recommend Blue Host and Site Ground for website hosting. We do not recommend GoDaddy. Most third party hosting services are around $130 – $150/yr.

Do You Offer Training On Using WordPress?

Yes we can, if you’re not interested in our website management/maintenance.

If someone just needs a refresher, we’ll be happy to help you at no charge. However, if this training will be for someone new to WordPress, we can discuss the best way for training at an hourly rate or even recommend outside resources. 

Are You Also Business Consultants?

Yes we are. When we are planning your website we will have a strategy in place to build up your internet presence and using our proprietary methods to push your website up in search engine rankings for your prime search terms.

Know that everything we do in building your website is a tactical decision to serve the purpose of getting the client quickly to their needs and goals.

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