Affordable Direct Mail Marketing For Local Businesses

Lead Generation 1Do you know that direct mail is still the BEST way to get new customers? Yes, even over the internet. But for many small businesses the price of direct mail marketing is simply out of reach.

Designing, printing and mailing to thousands of homes can cost thousands of dollars.

At Pinnacle Web Marketing we have solved that problem.

As marketers we know that for a local business to effectively to build their brand and dominate their local market they need an effective mix of online and offline marketing strategies to keep a steady stream of leads coming in.

The Local Marketing Co-Op

Our local marketing co-op engages in a very different form of direct mail marketing. 

We are never inside of anything!

  • No coupon books
  • No coupon magazines
  • No coupon envelopes
  • No flipping pages
  • No competitors

Our direct mail co-op is comprised of high-quality, full color, eye-catching large postcard mailers of various sizes. When you join one of our targeted mail drops your investment is only a fraction of the cost it would be if you did it by yourself.

Why Large Postcard Mailers Work So Well

Think about if you had one chance to send a critically important message to someone. Would you:

  • Do a commercial and hope they saw it?
  • Put it in a coupon mailer and hope they opened it?
  • Upload it to the internet and hope they searched over to it?
  • Upload it to social media and hope they noticed it?

That's why Large Postcard Mailers work so well, they simply get your message in front of everyone, every single time without fail.

Why Large Postcards Are More Successful Compared To Other Media

  TV/RADIO:  Depends on people watching or listening at that particular moment. Nearly impossible to tell if customers respond to it or not.

  OUTDOOR BILLBOARDS:  Doesn't have tracking ability and takes long-term exposure for people to notice it.

  COUPON PACKS:  Always get littered across thousands of homes, but only a small percentage actually open them; typically the "bargain" hunters you don't want anyway. You end up squished between competitors and multiple pages, plummeting your true exposure down to peanuts.

  COUPON MAGAZINES:  Your ad gets buried in between many pages and the deeper you are the less likely your ad will be seen and remembered. Plus, you are sandwiched in between your competitors, so not much chance of standing out.

  INTERNET MARKETING:  Exposes you to people actively searching for your services, but for every person searching there are many more who would respond if you simply invited them.

Why Large Postcards Are So Powerful!
  RAPID RESPONSE: Instantly reach thousands of local buyers with nearly 100% exposure.

  FULLY EXCLUSIVE:  You won't have any direct competitors who could damage your response.

  BRILLIANT COLOR:  Beautiful full color glossy cardstock that demands attention.

  NO COMMITMENT:  No contract or long-term agreement required - just pay and go!

  TRACKABLE ROI:  Quickly determine how much profit you made with redeemable offers.

  CO-OP BUYING POWER:  You pay only a tiny fraction of the total cost, yet you reap all the rewards. It's like everyone else pays for your ad!

How To Join Our Co-op Direct Mail Program for the Treasure Coast

It's easy! Since there are no contracts you simply let us know when you want to reserve space in our next co-op mailing campaign.

To get started call 772-324-9551 or fill out our contact form to receive a call back and to learn more about our local marketing co-op program.


Ad prices start at $250 for 2,500 homes.  Prices include design, printing and postage!

If you have any questions at all, please call Carla Smith at 772-324-9551.

Stay Informed On Where Our Next Co-Op Mailing Campaigns Will Be Targeting
  • Join our Facebook Group where we will post upcoming campaigns.  Join here:  Facebook Group - Treasure Coast Local Marketing Co-op
  • You can have a say in "where" our next co-op postcard mailing can be.
  • We'll choose whether to mail a 6.5x12 or a 9x12 size jumbo postcard mailers.
  • We'll choose mailing sizes of 2,500; 5,000; or 10,000 homes.
  • No contracts or long term agreements. You can pay and go whenever you want.


Don't let your competitor steal the spotlight from you.
Reserve your space in our next co-op marketing campaign NOW!